16 Dreamy Engagement Rings You Can Buy on Etsy

16 Dreamy Engagement Rings You Can Buy on Etsy

Even if you don't know what type of engagement ring you want, you at least hope that the ring will be one of a kind. For those who truly desire a special sparkler, you don't have to look further than Etsy. The site surprisingly has a range of affordabl...

Serena Williams’s Real Engagement Ring Is Stunning, but You’ll Like Her Fake One Too

Serena Williams has built up the anticipation for her engagement ring reveal. So much so, in fact, that we've already made predictions for her wedding dress. After she shared a photo of a taco jewel to fake us out, we were discouraged. Would she ever flash the sparkler Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian slipped onto her finger?

But finally, Serena uploaded a post on Reddit titled "Engagement Shoe Game." The tennis pro and designer is wearing a pair of Nike trainers, which, if we're being honest, don't do much to compete with the ginormous diamond she's rocking. But we like the message Serena's putting out: an engagement ring shouldn't be a big deal to the rest of the world - it's special to the girl who wears it, and she should feel proud to sport it casually.

Scroll to see Serena's new bling posted up against her man, then laugh over her taco band and shop either of the two styles you like. It's clear Serena approves of them both.