J. Crew Wedding Dresses Are About to Become Iconic For This Crazy Reason

In the blink of an eye, J.Crew has nixed the "Wedding" category at the top of its page. Now, you can find the brand's modest white gowns in the bridal section, but you've got to scroll past bridesmaid dresses and party fit-and-flares first. We reached out to a spokesperson who confirmed "[J.Crew is] relaunching a new dress collection in the Spring, and moving away from traditional bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses."

That means if you've always wanted to walk down the aisle in J.Crew, your time is running out. And if you already did wear the label on your special day, well, your design's about to go down in history. It's undeniable: there's something about a J.Crew piece that feels sophisticated but sexy all at once, like the flapper dress, a style that's sadly sold out, but has always been one of our favorites.

Read on to scoop up a discounted wedding dress or matching accessory from the company before they're officially discontinued and removed from the site. Even if there's no wedding day in your future, this way, there's still hope of becoming a J.Crew bride.