Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber, Hands Down, Won Halloween in Their Punk Rock Outfits

When we saw Cindy Crawford's snap of her family's Halloween costumes, we said, "WHOA." The family of four wore coordinating punk rock outfits to the annual Casamigos Tequila party in LA. Cindy mixed and matched prints for a fun outfit, wearing a ripped pink shirt, graphic leather jacket, tutu, and tights. Kaia followed her mother's lead mixing patterns, but chose a slightly more revealing top to pair with her chain skirt and fishnet tights. The two, along with Rande and Presley Gerber, even dyed their hair and wore heavy makeup to complete the punk rock look.

It appears this Halloween, stars went for an edgier, darker vibe and we don't mind one bit. Read on to analyze the family's outfits photo by photo because the details deserve to be seen. The Gerbers, hands down, won Halloween weekend.