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No Star Has Ever Been as Effortlessly Stylish as Olivia Wilde

No Star Has Ever Been as Effortlessly Stylish as Olivia Wilde

It can't be easy to walk a red carpet, cameras constantly flashing as you pose, and try not to trip over your floor-grazing gown. But that challenge hasn't stopped Olivia Wilde from becoming a pro. From the poufiest of dresses to jumpsuits and sets, th...

If You Were Looking at Shanina’s Shaik’s Swimsuit, You Missed the Most Important Part of Her Pic

With years of modeling under her belt, Shanina Shaik's gotten pretty great at posing. So much so, she knows exactly what works when showing off her swimwear. In a beachside 'gram, the brunette beauty seemingly soaked up the sun while wearing a white American Apparel one-piece, popping her leg and holding both arms above her head. To the average viewer, her photo seems somewhat casual - a simple stance Shanina came up with on the spot. But looking back at past bathing suit pics, you'll soon realize: this is the model's signature swimwear pose.

Nearly every time Shanina wears a one-piece - and, sometimes, even when she's wearing a bikini - she does the same leg pop, and occasionally holds her arms up. Is this the trick to try the next time we chill by the water? Scroll through to see how well it works, then shop a bathing suit similar to Shanina's to achieve the full effect.