You’ll Be Both Surprised and Impressed Once You See Sarah Jessica Parker’s Full Outfit

It's a cold weather dilemma we face each year: to wear tights or not wear tights, and if we do opt to rock 'em, which pair do we choose? But while we're over here stressing, Sarah Jessica Parker's pulling a full-on fashion dare. Not only did she wear tights with her floral dress on Monday, she swapped the safe choice, aka black, for something bold and white.

While we tend associate that particular color choice with tights we wore as kids, it might be time to reevaluate. After all, SJP is totally owning those babies, even styling them with peep-toe heels. Could this be the piece our Winter wardrobe is missing? Scroll through to get a better look at the star's full ensemble, then shop some white tights if you're ready for something different.