America Ferrera Perfectly Sums Up the Relationship Between Fashion and Politics

The relationship between fashion and politics can seem pretty trivial at first: what someone wears or doesn't wear shouldn't influence your vote - where you stand on larger issues should. But clothes can get people talking, and that's exactly what Rebecca Minkoff and America Ferrera aimed to do when they collaborated on a t-shirt that says "Make America Ferrera Again."

"The message is about not being afraid to make the election personal," America told us when we met up with her at Rebecca Minkoff's SoHo store. She's also hoping the shirt, complete with an image of her face, will be a conversation starter. "My friend Amy Schumer wore it while registering voters in Tampa, which made me so happy because that's exactly what it's for," America said. "It's to empower you to go out, engage, and be a part of the conversation."

Read on for America's full answer on how politics and fashion are connected, along with one from Rebecca herself. Then shop the shirt and get the conversation going on your end.