We See Chrissy Teigen’s Amazing Dress, But We’re More Focused on Her Diaper Bag

Mostly everything about Chrissy Teigen's latest look fits into her signature style: that sexy slip of bra up top, those strappy heels, and a printed dress that turns heads. But while a few months ago she'd have opted for a clutch or flashy satchel, these days, Chrissy's toting her nylon Prada diaper bag.

The designer hardware is a nod to the supermodel's love of fashion, but it's also a heartwarming update to her look. Chrissy's latest outfits are proof that working mamas can maintain their uniform through the seasons, while swinging a baby bag, pushing a carriage, and hey, maybe even walking in stilettos. Read on for all the convincing you need, then shop Chrissy's exact pouch, along with similar designs.