These Bridesmaid Dresses Aren’t Just Gorgeous – They’re Also Under $100

If you think about it long enough, it starts to seem odd: asking your closest friends and family to spend hundreds on a dress you know, at least deep down, they'll never wear again. But bridesmaid dresses aren't cheap, you'll assure yourself, looking at rows of chiffon and lace. It's just something we all have to do at one point or another. Unless, of course, you find more affordable options, preferably under $100.

With fast-fashion stores joining in on the fun, cheaper dresses do exist, leaving zero complaints from your bridal party - not only because they won't break the bank, but because they're actually cute (and can likely be worn to other weddings later on). Scroll through to see and shop some gowns, fit-and-flares, and shifts for under $100. Then, check out Reformation's stylish bridal collection.